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How It Works

All of our products are made with genuine diamonds and gold.  Eligible customers get 66% OFF with zero interest payroll deducted for up to one year.   Payroll deductions and payroll allotments start at $30/week or $60/biweekly depending on how often you get paid.

Your spending limit and eligibility are determined by a number of factors including your employer, how long you've worked at your current job, annual salary and previous purchase history.  

We never run your credit, charge interest or fees.

Customer Comments

“Thank you so very much, I truly appreciate your family business, I will always stay loyal to your company, the best anniversary ever! I can’t thank you guys enough!  #happycustomerforlife"

~VP, Social Security Administration

“I wish there were more honest people like you guys!! Thank you again and i will continue to refer your business!!"

~VC, Lockheed Martin

"My wife is absolutely in love with the purchases I made. Hoping to continue doing business with Corporate Jewelers."

~AF, Veterans Affairs

"I received the ring and it is absolutely stunning. You did an excellent job and I look forward to doing future business with you. Thank you so much."

~MK, Boeing