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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to order?
The requirements to place an order are simple
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must make at least $15,000
  • You are employed at your current company for at least a year
  • You are not on active military duty
  • You are a full-time active employee
Will there be a credit check?
Corporate Jewelers does not run your credit as your employment is used as verification of your eligibility.
Do I need to register for an account?
Browsing our site does not require an account but if you wish to purchase an item you will have to register for an account. Your account will contain your order details along with shipping information.
Is there a minimum purchase?
There is no minimum purchase amount! However, we do have a minimum payment
  • Weekly paycheck - $30
  • Every two weeks - $60
  • Twice a month - $65
  • Monthly paycheck - $120
When will I receive my order?
Usually within 7 business days from the time we receive your first payment. If you purchase a ring that needs to be sized that will generally take 3 business days. When the item is completed and ready for shipment we will expedite your order with 2-day shipping from USPS or FedEx at no additional charge.
What is the return policy?
Corporate Jewelers offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. We are happy to exchange the item for the full value of what you paid for something different. We do not charge a restocking fee only require that you pay for the shipping to return the item. If you want to return an item please contact our customer service department at 972-980-0818. Our shipping address is 12900 Preston Road Suite 905 Dallas, TX 75230
Are there any fees?
The price you see is the price you pay! We will never charge you any fees.
Can I payoff my remaining balance?
Yes, you can payoff the remainder of your balance at anytime by credit card, money order, check or paypal. Please call us at 972-980-0818, via email at [email protected] or by chatting us directly on the website during normal business hours.
What if I have an outstanding balance when I leave my job?
If you no longer work at the employer who offers you are still responsible for your balance. We will charge your backup credit card in the event of a missed payment. Should you wish to make alternate arrangements please contact us.