Using Payroll Deduction

There are many perks of being an employee of the United States Federal Government, one of which is setting up recurring payroll allotments.

What is a payroll allotment?

A payroll allotment is a specific dollar amount, set up by you, that gets automatically deducted from your paycheck and electronically transferred to Corporate Jewelers in the form of a payroll deduction.

Why do I need this?

Payroll allotments give you the opportunity to purchase items from us using biweekly automatic payroll deductions. You can start for as little as $60 every two weeks.

How do I setup an allotment?

You can setup your allotment through your online payroll provider. There are a number of different providers for various agencies. If you are unsure of who your provider is take a look below:

Click here for payroll providers

Great! What are the next steps?

Once you've found the item(s) you wish to purchase via payroll deduction you'll need to go through the checkout process. Pick your size (if it's a ring) and click the Add to Cart button on the product page.

Then choose Proceed to Checkout.

proceed to checkout

After registering for an account you'll be given the option to either "Pay Now" or Payroll Allotment. For payroll allotments choose Payroll Allotment.

Once you've filled out all the necessary information you'll place your order. When we receive your order confirmation we will send you a follow-up email, from DocuSign, with detailed instructions on how to setup your allotment on PostalEASE. Keep an eye on your inbox, shortly after you place your for an email from DocuSign that looks like the email below.